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tv   Tricky Dick  CNN  March 31, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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we see americans hating each other. fighting each other. killing each other at home. >> a long dark night for america is about to end. vice president and mr. nixon are just heading back down the stairs. >> 3:27 a.m. on this morning after the election, november the 9th. >> we want nixon! we want nixon! >> and kennedy is very, very slowly pulling away in this very close election.
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>> thank you very much. as i look at the board here, if the present trend continues, mr. kennedy, senator kennedy will be the next president of the united states. >> there obviously is no happiness in the nixon camp, and it brings vice president nixon to a stop in his political career. >> i've had other defeats and disappointments in life, but nobody's really been defeated until he's been defeated after running for president. you don't know what it's really like. >> well, i've deliberately not made any plans for the future, yet.
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>> you've been through a very tiring campaign. you certainly don't want to make any decisions in a hurry. >> my political friends said you've got to go back, you've got to run for office again. if you don't run, who's dick nixon going to be? he's the guy that lost for president. ♪ ♪ >> enthusiastic nixonites are at hand and twisting at the pomona, california county fairgrounds to welcome back to the site where he started his first political campaign, former vice president richard nixon.
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♪ >> i announce tonight my intention to seek the governorship of the state of california. >> mrs. nixon said, well, i think it's a terrible mistake for you to run. we've just been through a campaign. we're just getting back on our feet, but if you decide to do it, said i'll be there with you. >> in this campaign, it's generally been stated that if you don't win, you have no future. i would agree with that objective critique, but on the other hand, i don't expect to lose. i expect to win. >> the last chance of richard nixon was to unseat pat brown as governor of his home state in california. the last chance failed. the next day his press chief told the waiting press nixon would not appear or speak, but suddenly, nixon appeared, tired, making an effort to be genial but bitterness forced its way out. >> people say it's going to come
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down having ran for president, almost made it to run for govern. the answers is i am proud to have run for governor. i would like to have won. i believe governor brown has a heart. even though he believes i did not. i believe he is a good american even though he feels i am not. i wish him well and for once, gentlemen, i would appreciate if you would write what i've said. for 16 years, you've had a lot of fun. you've had an opportunity to attack me and i think i've given as good as i've taken, but as i leave you -- just think how much you're going to be missing. you don't have nixon to kick around anymore because, gentlemen, this is my last press conference. thank you, gentlemen. good day. >> so the end, apparently. the end of the curious, often colorful, sometimes checkered career of richard nixon.
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>> i had burned my bridges and spades as far as the press were concerned. i had been defeated for president of the united states. i had been defeated for governor of california. i thought i was dead. >> after going through the trauma of defeat and disappointment, many felt that being out of office was an end to a career, and i must admit that i felt that, too. i was physically drained. emotionally drained. mentally drained. just numb. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, it's a great privilege and pleasure for me to present the former united states vice president mr. richard nixon.
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[ applause ] my little daughter said today that mr. nixon's going be on, she said, "i do hope that man finds work." can kennedy be defeated in '64? >> well, which one? >> would you bring a piano out here? if we can do this. we had -- mrs. nixon, pat, had a tape recorder going one afternoon and she quietly said to mr. nixon, why don't you play an old piece? and she recorded it. jose has made a concerto arrangement of this hinky-dinky song that you wrote. would you play it for us? [ applause ]
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♪ ♪ >> there are times when a person in public life should get out of the public view. go away and then come back in. i knew that it was well for me to get offstage for a while. and as it turned out, it was one of the best decisions i ever made.
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>> this march will go down as one of the greatest, if not the greatest demonstration for freedom and human dignity. >> today, millions of people throughout the world are trying to find words adequate to express their grief. >> millions of americans are denied the right to vote because of their color. this law will right that wrong. >> people dying, police brutality.
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>> they're tired. they're hungry. i think it started 400 years ago. >> getting tired of being pushed around by you white people, that's all. >> the riots are only the most virulent symptom of a much more disturbing problem and that's the growing disrespect for law in america. after 16 years in public life, i believe that i should continue to speak out from time to time on public issues. >> freedom now! ♪ revolution has come freedom now! >> how do we get this war over with rather than letting it drag on for five years? which this present administration's policy would let it do. >> mr. nixon, when are you going to start running for president, yourself? >> what has got to happen before your intentions next year will be made known? do you know what i mean by that,
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mr. nixon? >> intentions about what? >> the -- >> i'd been thinking about it, of course. the program was under way. >> richard nixon still is not officially a candidate for president, but unofficially, he is running and has been for some time. >> i have an announcement. yesterday, i informed the nixon for president campaign committees their campaigns could go forward with my cooperation. this is not my last press conference. ghty, you guys are almost all set. great! sounds good! honey, while you finish up here, i'll grab us some coffee. ok. ♪ (music stops) ready to go? but... i... ♪ getting a volkswagen during the sign then drive event. it's almost that easy.
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the final campaigning is under way in the new hampshire presidential primary. on the republican side, richard nixon is urging new hampshire republicans to give him a big sendoff in his quest for the gop presidential nomination. >> perhaps if you could make a point of trying to look forward me a little more often. >> okay, fine. >> so the sound will be a little bit better. >> all right. fine. >> mr. nixon, a lot has been said about a new mr. nixon. have you been seeking a kind of newness? >> well, my wife says i've got less hair than i've had before. you know, the hairline goes back a bit here and there. others discover that i, perhaps, have a sense of humor, which i think i've always had, but,
9:15 pm
perhaps, people didn't see it. i'm -- i'm really the most difficult man in the world when it comes to a so-called public relations firm. nobody's going to package me. nobody's going to make me put on an act for television. i'm not going to engage in any gimmicks or any stunts, wear any silly hats. if people looking at me say that's a new nixon, then all that i can say is, well, maybe you didn't know the old nixon. >> well, i guess i'll sit down here and get ready. ♪ >> absolute quiet in here because they can pick up everything. >> remember, it's extremely informal and we slice it out of the tape if we don't like it. and if it doesn't work, we do it again. ♪
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>> here. you can lock this shot. i don't care about six inches. we move it from here. over here, i don't care what it looks like as long as it -- >> see, when you're on live, it is sudden death. a guy asks you a question and you try -- you answer it then bite your tongue. >> okay. ready for the first question, and go. >> mr. nixon, if the johnson administration can terminate the war within, well let's give him eight months, then he has a very good chance of winning next year, but if we haven't been able to win the war in the past few years, how long could it last really? >> i do know this. i do know that the new administration can and will end the war within a matter of a year after we get into power. ♪
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>> i have today ordered to vietnam the air mobile division which will raise our fighting strength from 75,000 to 125,000 men almost immediately. >> without question, lyndon johnson, he had all the moves. he knew how to use power. he was ruthless. he was persuasive. and then when the war began to escalate and johnson didn't know what to do about it, he just started to flail around, and everything that he tried seemed to crumble in his hands. >> peace now. peace now. peace now. >> low-key minnesota democrat senator eugene mccarthy entered the race against his party's
9:18 pm
incumbent president with the express purpose of giving the voters a voice in the vietnam debate. >> campaign '68, the new hampshire primary. the big surprise of the first primary of campaign '68 has been the strength of senator eugene mccarthy. the volume with which new hampshire's voters today endorsed his effort signals trouble for president johnson's as yet undeclared re-election bid. on the republican side, richard nixon entered the race to shed that loser's image he acquired in 1960 and '62. >> seems to be quite apparent from the early returns that we won't have to have a recount tonight. >> nixon, the only active campaign, ran far in front, even farther than expected, with 81%. >> mr. nixon, which tactics and issues do you feel got you this vote in new hampshire? >> very effective use of television. i know i'm not supposed to be able to use television, but i think that's one myth we knocked down this time.
9:19 pm
we were pretty good on television. >> the nixon campaign needed this kind of a shot in the arm. his supporters now around the country are thinking, going to look at him a little bit differently as possibly a vote getter. >> mr. nixon, you think you can be stopped now? >> let me put it -- >> no! >> that's -- that's a fair enough question. i can say this. i'm not going to stop myself. that's for sure. >> here we go. >> i am announcing today my candidacy for the presidency of the united states. i run because i am convinced that this country is on a perilous course and because i have such strong feelings about what must be done.
9:20 pm
i do not lightly dismiss the dangers and the difficulties of challenging an incumbent president. at stake is not simply the leadership of our party, and even our country, it is our right to the moral leadership of this planet. i thank you. >> the whole thing is one of the most extraordinary political and human dramas i think in the history of american politics. this party may come apart at the seams. it's possible. >> mr. nixon, what sort of an opponent do you think robert kennedy would be if you were both to be nominated? >> he would be a strong opponent. i mean, after all, you can't knock money. >> bobby kennedy was very intense, very hardworking. he had more fire in his belly than either of the other two.
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now watch -- >> many people in vietnam are
9:25 pm
speaking of peace. but the men in the field don't speak of piece. they speak of going home which is something they want to do for a long time. meanwhile, they march, they fight, and they die, and peace is only a word. >> the whole world's watching! the whole world's watching! the whole world's watching! the whole world's watching! >> gosh, this is hard to read, jim. you have no idea. it's just marked up every word, nearly, you see. i just -- i can't see where a period is or not. good evening, my fellow americans. tonight, i want to speak to you of peace in vietnam and
9:26 pm
southeast asia. we are prepared to move immediately toward peace through negotiations. so tonight, i am taking the first step to de-escalate the conflict. with our hopes and the world's hopes for peace in the balance every day, i do not believe that i should devote an hour or day of my time to any personal partisan causes. accordingly, i shall not seek and i will not accept the nomination of my party for another term as your president. >> roger, no question about it, this was a bombshell politically.
9:27 pm
>> well, i -- you really don't know where to begin. as you said, there was no warning. the announcement that he would not seek another term or accept another term was not in the text. >> what it says is president johnson is willing to pay the ultimate price to make the ultimate sacrifice for peace in southeast asia. >> it -- it's -- what i'd rather do, dan, is go home and come back tomorrow morning and begin to talk about it. >> it is a stunning moment and for those of you in the audience who may be saying, well, those two fellows are having a hard time coming up with something to say, that's the truth of the matter because it did come as a distinct surprise. it seems to me this turns the whole political basket upsidedown. >> this is a cbs news special report. >> good evening. dr. martin luther king, the apostle of nonviolence in the civil rights movement, has been shot to death in memphis, tennessee. >> at 7:10 this evening, martin luther king was shot.
9:28 pm
martin luther king 20 minutes ago died. i would like to take this opportunity to ask reverend john gensel to lead all of us in prayer for martin luther king and the future of all civil rights movements. >> martin luther king dedicated his life to love and to justice between fellow human beings. what we need in the united states is love and wisdom and compassion toward one another and a feeling of justice toward those who still suffer within our country, whether they be white or whether they be black.
9:29 pm
>> when i heard about it, i just couldn't believe that it had happened. >> i considered him in terms of the black movement as being what i would call a moderate. at least he wasn't advocating burning down the buildings and raising all the kind of hells the black panthers and others were. >> she did it and she said he was an extremist. he was crazy. they got rid of brother malcolm x, they said he was preaching hate, he deserved what he got. when they got rid of brother martin luther king, they had absolutely no reason to do so. he was the one man in our race who was trying to teach our
9:30 pm
people to have love, passion, and mercy for what white people had done. ♪ >> all over america, black ghettos exploded in rage and grief. >> there is no cause that justifies violence or breaking the law. >> the constitution does guarantee the right to disagree but not the right to disobey. >> it is time for us to restore respect for law and then we'll have real progress in the united states of america. >> we've heard constant references to respect for law and order, and more particularly, what they mean is respect for the white man's law enforcement. >> the american people today want a president of the united states who will see it like it is and tell it like it is, and that's what i'm doing to you here today. we switched.
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pg&e wants you to plan ahead by mapping out escape routes and preparing a go kit, in case you need to get out quickly. for more information on how to be prepared and keep your family safe, visit folks, this is john wayne. we need a president who will restore respect for law and order. richard nixon is the man to do it. he's strong enough. he has the experience. and he doesn't pussyfoot around. that's my kind of president. richard nixon. the best we have. ♪
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>> 40% the men that live in the ghetto have jobs that pay $60 a week. how can you support a family, how can you bring up children in dignity? >> robert kennedy is the only man on the current political structure that can do the job that we need done. >> is there a second choice? >> there is no second choice as far as we're concerned. >> there is a feeling in the political climate that the kennedy juggernaut is not to be denied much longer. >> senator robert kennedy stands a good deal taller this morning as a result of his clear-cut victory in the indiana democratic presidential primary. >> on the republican side, richard nixon was not opposed and write-ins are not permitted in indiana. >> senator kennedy picked up 23 convention votes in the district of columbia primary. >> the size of the nixon win all but wraps up the republican nomination for him. >> the polls have just closed in california's presidential primary. >> we're going to robert kennedy's headquarters at the
9:36 pm
ambassador hotel in los angeles. "the new york times" has just said that kennedy is the apparent winner. now he's advancing toward the hall where he will talk to his supporters. [ chanting "we want bobby" ] >> thank you very much. i want to express my gratitude to all of those mexican-americans who were such supporters of mine. and i want to also thank all my friends in the black community. my thanks to all of you, and now it's on to chicago, and let's win there. thank you very much. >> who's going to be the next president of the united states? >> rfk! rfk!
9:37 pm
rfk! >> in the very beginning, this campaign '68 has been the one which has defied the experts, an unpredictable sequence of political surprises. [ screaming ] >> get that gun. get the gun. get the gun. stay away from the gun. get -- stop. get ahold of his thumb and break it if you have to. get his thumb. >> a doctor. we need a doctor right here. the microphone. >> is there a doctor? ♪ >> i went up to my study, and mrs. nixon came in and it's one
9:38 pm
of the few times i've seen her cry and she said, "that poor boy died." ♪ >> my brother need not be idealized or enlarged in death beyond what he was in life. to be remembered simply as a good and decent man who saw wrong and tried to right it. saw suffering and tried to heal it. saw a war and tried to stop it. >> senator kennedy's death is a tragedy for a nation and for a family.
9:39 pm
but the tragedy would be compounded if we allowed it to cause us to lose confidence in ourselves and in our nation. there are sick people in america, but the american people are not a sick nation. >> of course, all political campaigns have been suspended. >> it's far too early to contemplate any political implications from this. >> it's simply too early to have a reading on what the possible effect could be on the political campaign for the rest of the year. that it will have an effect, no one can deny. ♪ how do we tell people they get the best of both worlds with sprint? (sassbot) how about we get two-sport legend, bo jackson... (bo) sup? guys - you don't need me. just tell people they get a great network and a great price with sprint. (sassbot) yes! you can get an unlimited plan and a super cool all new samsung galaxy s10e for just $35 a month. on an lte advanced newtork that's up to 2x faster than before. (evelyn) bo does...know. (vo) switch and get an unlimited plan with the
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to save 30% on all the medications we carry. so go directly to now. ♪ at 6:30 this evening, as scheduled, the man most likely to succeed on wednesday arrived and heard his first hoorahs in miami beach. >> richard nixon remains far out in front in the delegate strength, but if he's to win a nomination, he still is going to need some additional support and there's to be a great deal maneuvering and that's certainly the understatement of the day. ♪
9:44 pm
>> nelson rockefeller was in there. he had a huge amount of money. and then also ronald reagan was making a little run at it from the coats. >> there has been some movement. ronald reagan could claim 16 fresh votes as an aftermath of his meetings today with two southern delegations. >> i think that mr. nixon can be stopped and i think if he does not get it on the first ballot, he's through. >> anybody in politics must have great competitive instinct. he must want to win. he must not like to lose. above everything else, he must have the ability to keep fighting more and more strongly when it seem that the odds are the greatest. >> the most important developments have centered mostly on a conference that richard nixon held last night. and he seemed to be trying
9:45 pm
desperately to win the south to his side. >> as a result of his statements to the southern caucus, black voters are aware that richard nixon is opposed to busing to help eliminate racial imbalance in the nation's schools. that he has a deep and basic opposition to open housing and that he will try to capitalize on the racial and political issues of law and order and violence. >> i am going to cast my vote for that world statesman and that great american, richard m. nixon. and south carolina's going to go with me. >> i, again, proudly accept that nomination for president of the united states, but i have news for you, this time there's a difference. this time we're going to win.
9:46 pm
my fellow americans, for a few moments let us look at america, let us listen to america. as we look at america, we see cities enveloped in smoke and flames. we hear sirens in the night. we see americans dying on distant battlefields abroad. we see americans hating each other, fighting each other, killing each other at home. and as we see and hear these things, millions of americans cry out in anguish, did we come all this way for this? listen to the answer to those questions. it is another voice. it is a quiet voice in the tumult of the shouting. it is the voice of the great majority of americans, the forgotten americans, the non-shouters, the non-demonstrators. they're good people. they're decent people.
9:47 pm
they work and they save and they pay their taxes and they care. and what america needs are leaders to match the greatness of her people. [ applause ] ♪ >> good evening from chicago. where the 35th national democratic convention opens with the promise of turmoil inside this hall and the threat of violence without. >> today, 5,000 national guard troops joined federal and local forces in imposing unprecedented security. >> as for the demonstrators, estimate range up to 100,000 protesters. >> the invading students, hippies, yippies, radicals, activists, mccarthy kids and other anti-war forces. >> more than 5,000 screaming, cheering supporters of eugene mccarthy swarmed all over midway
9:48 pm
airport. across town, hubert and muriel humphrey stepped from their chartered jet. he is rather hawkish and he stuck with it. ♪ o say, can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ ♪ what so proudly we hailed >> a new line of police moving down balboa street now to take position and try presumably to clear this intersection.
9:49 pm
>> a noisy but nonviolent crowd jams the streets. chicago police charge suddenly in all directions. >> the police clearing out the sidewalks and the crowd is running. the police are chasing them in to grant park. >> they jab nightsticks at the stomach and skulls. >> shots of gas. >> the whole world is watching. >> the whole world is watching, chants the crowd on the side. >> the incident certainly could hardly be described any other way except unprovoked. and the police lost control. ♪ >> richard nixon can take some heart for what happened here this week. >> the impact could help thrust richard nixon into the white
9:50 pm
house next january. ♪ >> mr. nixon chose to open his drive for of the white house in chicago where today the crowds were big, boisterous and friendly. >> a picture of the city of chicago and the people of chicago went out across america and across this world. it was an ugly picture. and my friends i can tell you today it was an unfair picture. it wasn't a true picture. i saw the real chicago yesterday a record number came out. some said 40,000. sow said 600,000. let's call it a half a million. they want a change in america and they're going to get it by their votes this november.
9:51 pm
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take off the gloves and sock it to them. >> nixon's staff claimed he would win a landslide 427 electoral votes next tuesday.
9:55 pm
>> the polls showed we were going to win very, very handsomely but lyndon johnson still had the white house and that white house almost finished us off before the election. >> president johnson ordered a halt of the bombing of north vietnam effective at 8:00 tomorrow morning. >> a north spokesman said they'll participate in expanded peace talks next wednesday. >> it's brought the highest prospects for peace in vietnam in three years. >> i shall do everything in my power to move us toward the peace that this president and i believe every other american so deeply urgently desire. >> this should be pulled out of
9:56 pm
the house right before the election at a time that it was bound to give me a trick which would defeat us. >> it seems to me it cannot help it. >> after he announced the halt last night, a poll said humphrey narrowed richard nixon's lead to three percentage points. he said in the past if humphrey reached within 2 to 3 percentage points then the election could be too close to call. >> there's no question that i was very distressed and all of my associates were. >> i think that we're skirting
9:57 pm
on dangerous ground. this is treason. >> i know. >> i think it would shock america if a principle candidate was playing with a source like this on a matter of this importance. >> yeah. >> know this. they're contacting a foreign power in the middle of a war. implts hello. mr. president? >> yes. >> i just want you to know that i got a report regarding your
9:58 pm
call and i would never do anything to encourage hanoi not to come to the table. basically we got to get them to paris or you can't have a peace. >> you just see that your people don't tell the south voietnames that they're going to get any better deal out of the united states gornmevernment than a conference. >> peace talks will be postponed because of south vietnam's refusal to participate. the american people need fresh ideas, new men and new leadership if we are to bring to an end the war in which we're presently engaged.
9:59 pm
>> election night '68 reporting from election headquarters. >> perhaps the closest race in the nation's history. >> richard nixon in a remarkable come back, the 37th president of the united states. >> remarkable come back. perhaps the most remarkable in american presidential history. >> and nixon is indeed the one today. >> having lost a close one 8 years ago and having won a close one this year, i can say this. winning is a lot more fun. >> the nixon administration is engaged in a polarization
10:00 pm
process. irmt >> as one bush leaves the white house, another sets his sights on washington. >> i'm running for president of the united states. >> but the road back to power is anything but smooth. >> this is still too close to call. >> i have chosen to recuse myself from the election recount. >> once in power, the new president faces unprecedented challenges. from enemies both new and old. >> terrorism will not stand. >> as


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